ESGS 5018 Environmental Remote Sensing Technology

Instructor: Dr. Hongsheng Zhang

Tutor:  Mr. Luoma Wan

Objective:  The theory, methods, and applications of environmental remote sensing are taught in the course. The lectures cover the principles of electromagnetic radiation, satellite observation sensors, digital image processing, Earth target classifications, and the remote sensing applications.

ESGS 5017 Geoinformation Technologies for Risk and Crises Management

Instructor: Dr. Hongsheng Zhang

Tutor:  Ms. Yinyi Lin

Objective: This course is to inform, explain, analyze, interpret and communicate the role of Geoinformation technologies in risk and crises situations (tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, landslides, anthropogenic disasters) and improvement of their use in adequate operations with aim to show their till now under-evaluated potentials and way how to integrate knowledge of cartographic and geographic community to risk and crises management into wide decision making process.

ESGS 5009 Research Methods

Instructors: Prof. Hui Lin, Dr. Hongsheng Zhang

Objective: This course provides the discussion and insight of recently special topics in GeoInformation Science and the application of remote sensing to Earth System Science. Very latest journal papers or book chapters or advanced development news will be discussed to improve the analysis ability, research methodologies, evaluation and prediction of Earth Science. The topics include GeoInformation, Virtual Geographic Environment, environmental monitoring, WebGIS, data modeling, air and water quality, soil and vegetation studies, atmospheric and climate studies, oceanic and hydrological science.